What to Wear: The key to beautiful and natural looking photos is effortlessness. It is important that you wear something that reflects your own style and personality. If you feel comfortable and relaxed you will look comfortable and relaxed!

We always encourage couples to coordinate with each other and dress in complimenting styles. Try to avoid strong contrasting colors and even black, as it often looks heavy when next to soft skin tones.

Brides-to-BePlease encourage your fiancé also to have fun with this while still looking dapper (tucked in shirts and no sneakers). High heels are great, but we recommend bringing along a pair of ballet flats for walking in between locations.

Lastly, outfit changes are always welcome if time allows.

Hair & Make-Up: Some women will have their hair and make-up done prior to the shoot. This may help them feel a little more glamorous or boost their confidence. Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful when being photographed?

Location: If you and your fiancé have a location that is special to you or you have a cool idea, please let us know! We are always open to suggestions. Again, it is important to feel comfortable and to also pick a place that reflects your personalities or relationship.

Inspiration: If you are on Pinterest and love an idea, please feel free to share with us, but understand that this is used for inspiration and not copying. We encourage you to bring props or anything that truly reflects you individually or as a couple.